St. Joseph's Convent School, a Minority Institution Registered as a teaching school by the Education Department of the Government of Maharashtra is administered by the Sisters of the Congregation of Carmelite Religious, which is a Catholic Religious Minority Institution, in accordance with the rights enshrined in Article 29 and 30 of the Constitution of India. This is an English Medium teaching school. It is situated at 9, Burr Road, Khadki, Pune - 411003. This school is meant only for girls. The school comprises of Ten Standards. The academic year begins in June. The aim of the Institution is to impart a sound education, instill praiseworthy values, create balanced judgement and a robust physique so as to enable the pupils to develop into responsible citizens. The course of studies of the school is arranged to prepare pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination, Elementary and various scholarship exams. The school aims at the education primarily of the Catholic Community and to the extent possible of the members of all other communities and character formation based on the love of God and service of man, with a view to training citizens distinguished for their all round development and sincere commitment to God and the Country.

The second languages taught are Hindi and Marathi. Pupils taking other languages will not be admitted even if they take private tuition. Report on conduct application and progress are issued after each of the Two Unit Tests and the Semester Examinations. Parents are expected to sign these report cards and return them to the school.

The Course of studies of the School is arranged according to the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education, Maharashtra State Government.

A) Christian Doctrine and Sacred History of Catholics.
B) Value education for Non-Christians.


Creation of a new human society where equality, freedom, love, justice, peace and joy reign in an eco-friendly communion.


We reach out to humanity to bring the fullness of life and harmony to the society and the cosmos.