General Information

The course of studies of the school is arranged according to the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education, Maharashtra State. It prepares pupils for the Secondary School Certificate Examination Elementary, Intermediate Grade in drawing, NTS, MTS and various Scholarship Exams. The school aims at the education primarily of the Catholic Community and to the extent possible of the members of all other communities. The school imparts an all round education, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and service of man, with a view to training citizens distinguished for their all round developments and sincere commitment to God and Country.

The second languages taught are Hindi and Marathi (English for Marathi Medium). Pupils taking other languages will not be admitted even if they take private tuitions.
Report on conduct application and progress are issued after each of the Two Unit Tests and the Semester Examinations. Parents are expected to sign these report cards and return them to the school.
The Course of studies of the school is arranged according to the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education, Maharashtra State Government.
A) Christian Doctrine and Sacred History for Catholics.
B) Moral Science for Non-Catholics.

The School Uniform
1. Every Student admitted into this School, must have 3 sets of complete School Uniforms exact in colour, pattern and length. White socks (that reach half way to the knees) and black leather shoes, without any design. No sandals of any kind are allowed.
2. During the cold months or when necessary the students are permitted the use of Navy Blue cardigans only. During the monsoons students are permitted to use black rain shoes. White tennis shoes for drill only.
3. Finger nails must be cut short and be kept clean Nail varnish is disallowed. Mehandi is strictly forbidden.
4. Hair style for girls in school, hair should be either bobbed or plaited, and black ribbon should be used. White hair band is compulsory.
5. Jewellery is not permitted and will be confiscated if worn with the school uniform, during the school hours.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the dignity of a Catholic Institution. The Pupils shall always greet their teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and audible tone of voice, whenever they meet them either in school or outside it.
They shall always maintain a good posture whether they sit, stand or walk.
They shall be polite in speaking to one another, trying always to be cheerful and composed. They must take care never to interrupt anyone who is speaking.
They shall be obedient to their parents and teachers giving them the respect and affection that is their due and accepting corrections and guidance cheerfully.
It must be kept in mind that the "Family Spirit" is a characteristic of St. Joseph's School. The children must thereof learn to look upon the school as an extension of their home and do their best to cherish and preserve in school a spirit of Loving and Giving.
No student is allowed to celebrate her Birthday in School or distribute sweets or any articles in the class or in the premises of the School.

Here are some tips for your studies.
1. Start with a clean desk.
2. Sit up Straight, Straight body ... Straight thinking.
3. Take up first, subjects that you most dislike. Once you have done this, the rest of your work will be easy.
4. Find out what is most important.
5. Study what is most important first.
6. Do not hesitate to ask your teacher or your clever companions things you cannot grasp clearly. Never omit any difficulties whatsoever as this will put you in greater difficulties later.
7. Never omit the lesson or homework assigned.
8. Always revise the work done in class and make sure that you have understood everything clearly and thoroughly.
9. If memory work is assigned, learn it overnight and repeat it first in the morning.
10. Use your diary to take down the work assigned for the next day. All homework should be done neatly, and the day's work should always be dated. Revise at the end of the week.
11. Get enough exercise every day. It keeps the mind fresh.
12. Lastly, pray often to the All-wise and All-knowing God to help you to make progress in your studies.

1. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed. No pupil may enter a classroom other than her own class room without permission.
2. During the absence of the teacher, the Class House Captain is responsible for the order and discipline of the girls in her House/Class.
3. For irregular attendance, habitual negligence of studies disobedience, insubordination of conduct injurious to the moral tone and discipline or the school, a pupil is liable for punishment including dismissal from school.
4. Any damage done in or about the school premises must be made good. The decision of the Principal is final.
5. Unwanted books, papers or magazines brought to the school without prior sanction of the Principal will be confiscated.
6. Any serious breach and above all discourtesy and disrespect to members of the school staff in any way will not be tolerated.
7. Parents/Guardians are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the management and that the management has a right to say on what conditions they will admit or retain pupils in their school. (S.S. Code 1979 Rule 56.4)
8. Strict regularity and implicit obedience is expected in the class.
9. Any report of observed objectionable conduct out of the institution will be punished.
10. Politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct, as well as cleanliness in dress and person is expected from every pupil.
11. No child suffering from a contagious or infections disease will be permitted to attend the Institution.
12. A pupil who fails twice consecutively in the same standard is liable to be asked to leave the school.
13. Pupils are forbidden to give their teachers individual or collective presents.
14. When a pupil meets a member of the staff she must greet her/him. Pupils should stand when a member of the Staff enters or leaves the class.
15. In every class, each pupil shall not occupy any other seat except her own without the permission of the Class Teacher.
16. Attendance for National functions and school functions is compulsory. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students remaining absent without genuine reasons.
17. In case of the S.S.C. Examination, the forms are filled in advance for convenience only and the School Authorities reserve the right to withdraw the examination form if the conduct or attendance of the pupils is not found satisfactory.
18. Parents/Guardians must come and meet the Teachers of their wards on the open day and the last day of every month.
19. Games and Physical Training are compulsory. Facilities for coaching in games and Athletics are available.
20. Pupils are not permitted to enter the Teachers Staff Room.
21. Pupils may go to the laboratories and other special rooms ONLY at the time appointed. They must be accompanied by a teacher.
22. Students are not allowed to enter any classroom other than their own during their free time or recess.