1. There are two terminal Examinations. For First and Final Unit Tests and Year's Work, Practical and Orals.

2. Pupils absent from an examination for any reason whatsoever not be re-examined. They are promoted or detained according to the year's work.

3. Absence from one or more subjects involves the loss of marks for those subjects and excludes the pupils from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank in the examination.

4. Pupils found absenting themselves from the examination without concrete reasons are given zero marks and not marked absent.

5. Pupils found cheating in a subject at an examination or unit test besides being given zero in the subject she will not be allowed to sit for all other subjects of the examination or the unit test.

6. Cases of failure will not be reconsidered.

7. In all Examinations 35 percent of the marks are required to pass and 75 percent for a distinction.

8. All matters regarding promotions are left entirely to the discretion of the Headmistress and her decision shall be final. The Parents/Guardians must not make any attempt to bring departmental or political pressure on the Headmistress for promoting the students. Any attempt of this kind will create an unnecessary problem for the student. The decision of promotion lies only with the Headmistress.

9. For students of Std. IX 25% of the marks in theory are required to pass.

A school leaving Certificate will be issued only on written application from the parent or guardian. A month's notice is required before the withdrawal of pupil.

When applying for a School Leaving Certificate, parents and guardians are requested to state the reason for removing the pupils as this has to be entered in the school leaving Certificate. In case of transfer out of Maharashtra State, it must be mentioned, as such certificates will be valid only after signature of the Education officer.

A school Leaving Certificate can be refused or held up if there are outstanding dues.

1) Parents and Guardians are expected to do their part by enforcing regularity and discipline and to see that the children complete at home, the work daily allotted to them.

2) They are further earnestly requested to report to the Headmistress any case of idleness, indifference and misbehaviour at home, work in school or outside the school of their children or wards and to ascertain from their progress and conduct in school.

3) They should not fail to inspect and sign regularly the Unit Test and the Terminal Examination Report cards of those under their charge and also the occasional reports sent by the Teachers in the School Calendar. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience and render them liable to be sent home. For repeated late coming or forgetting to bring books the child may be punished in the same way.

4) A pupil who has remained absent from school for three consecutive school days without prior permission shall be admitted into class only with permission of the Headmistress.

5) Parents are reminded that engaging tuitions for their children may prove injurious to solid work and progress in studies. Hence no child may take Tutions in any subject without first consulting the Headmistress and Obtaining her written permission in the School Calendar.

6) Parents are expected to see that their ward goes to school in a neat and tidy and clean uniform. If the child fails to come in proper school uniform, she will not be permitted to enter class.

1. Pupils should take special care of the school property such as furniture, apparatus, fan, lights, water etc with the understanding that we respect whatever does not belong to us. Any damage done to school property must be made good.

2. Pupils are requested to take care of their personal property as the School Authorities do not accept responsibility for loss of books, clothes, money, tiffin carriers etc.

3. All must consider it their special responsibility to keep the school Class room and also the school premises clean for everyone.

4. Every student should be particularly careful to avoid, throwing waste paper, fruit peels, ice-candy sticks etc out of the window or on the school grounds. Use should be made of the waste paper baskets and bins provided for the purpose.

5. Switch off the fans and lights before you leave the class room.

1) The Library will be open during the recess and an hour after school. Strict silence shall be observed in the Library and Reading room.

2) Not more than one book at a time shall be issued from the Library, Books borrowed from the library may be kept for a maximum periods of 7 days at a time.

3) A pupil who does not return the books issued to her in time shall pay a fine of Re. 1/- for every extra day beyond the prescribed period.

4) All marking, underlining, bending the pages etc. in any book is absolutely forbidden.

5) On receipt of a book, the pupil should examine and report at once to the Library Assistant any damage so far unaccounted for in the book. If the Pupil fails to do so, she will be held responsible for any damage when it is subsequently detected by the Library Assistant.

6) Pupils are expected to handle the book carefully and not damage or spoil in any way.

7) If a book is damaged or spoiled or lost by a pupil she shall pay the cost of the book.

8) Books prescribed as text books, reference books, periodicals and publication should not be removed from the library.

9) No pupil is allowed to pass on the library books to anyone in or out of the school.

10) Pupils requiring any books shall apply to the Librarian on a slip of paper, on which they should write their names number, the books and its author.

11) When a book is borrowed or returned the pupil shall sign (their names) in the Register provided.

12) So long as any dues imposed on a member of the Library is not paid she will not be allowed the use of the Library.

13) Absence from class without leave will not be excused for delay in the return of books.

14) All pupils of Std. X are expected to spend at least 15 minutes every day in the library looking through magazines, newspaper and reference books.

15) Library membership is compulsory for all students from Std. VIII to X and students should deposit Rs. 50.00 Library transactions will be during the short Recess and after school.

16) Library membership is also compulsory for all the students from Std. V to VII, each student should deposit Rs. 50.00.

A Pupil will b e promoted to a higher standard if she has secured 35/52 marks in each subject. Passing is worked out by dividing by three the total marks of

a) Unit Test I, II
b) First Semester, Second Semester
c) Year's work
Pupil can be graced by a total of 20 marks on the whole in one or more subjects but not exceeding 10 marks in any one particulars subject.

Results declared at the end of the school year is final in all cases and will not be reconsidered.

N.B. Parents are earnestly requested to do their part of urging the regular attendance, school exam and punctuality of their children to see that they do their projects, assignments and prepare lessons daily as specified in the handbook and encourage the child to read books taken from the school library. Without parents co-operations the work of the school will be hampered.