For Parents

1. Parents are earnestly requested to see that the rules of the school are strictly observed by their children, that they prepare their lessons and take an effective and helpful interest in the activities of the school.

2. Parents are informed that occasional reports are made by the teachers in the school calendar. They are requested to sign the progress reports and any other reports of the children whether their reports satisfactory or not.

3. The school calendar must be brought to class daily. The school declaims all responsibility if through failure to produce the Calender a pupil is obliged to return home during school hours.

4. Parents should not forget to fill in the form regarding Address of Parents and Guardians in the calendar, and the specimen signature.

5. The engagement of private tutors whether of the school staff or not, may prove injurious to real progress and should not be made without consulting the Principal.

6. Parents, guardians or other persons are forbidden to see the girls or interview their teachers during school hours without the sanction of the Principal. The members of the Staff should be seen in their off periods or during the recess by previous appointment only.

7. Complaints of any kind if any, should be made to the principal and not to the class teacher.

8. Parents and guardian are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or telephone number.

9. When communicating with the Headmistress, parents are requested to mention in their letter the name, standard and division of their children.

10. Parents are advised not to let their children bring expensive watches, money or any valuable articles to the school.

11. Parents/Guardians must make it a point to pay the monthly Fees and thus save the school authorities much trouble and inconvenience.

12. Parents/Guardians unable to pay the fees by the specified date, shall on the same date write to the Headmistress, stating when they will settle accounts. No fees may be delayed beyond the end of the month.

13. Fees must be paid for all the months during which the Pupil's Name has been carried on in the class register even if the Pupil has been absent those months.

14. If in consequence of no notice being given a pupil's name if Transferred at the close of the month to the next month. The fees for that month are due whether the pupil actually attends or not.

15. Parents will please see that their children are provided with necessary books and stationery. Neither borrowing nor lending is not allowed in school.

16. The school has a Parent Teacher Association which Parents are expected to join.

17. Parents are also kindly requested not to visit the teachers during class Hours. All business will be transacted in the office, during office hours mentioned in the school calendar.

18. Application for Railway Concession (long journey) and Bonafide Certificate should be given one week in advance.